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Amber (inspired by the Papilio Ambrax butterfly) is optimistic for the future. She relies on her strong networks and self-determination to ensure her plans succeed.

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Social Well-Being

Want to volunteer some of your time?

Volunteer Australia online portal Volunteering Australia is an organisation dedicated to helping connect volunteers to people, places, and events that need them. Get connected in your community by volunteering for the things that interest you, and make a lot of new friends along the way. You can search for volunteering opportunities through their simple form at the bottom of their page, refining by duration, accessibility, and location.

Explore Volunteer Australia online portal

Looking to meet new people?

The Meetup social platform Meetup is a site that aims to connect people and build local communities. The platform advertises events and groups meeting in your area with different interests or opportunities. You may find yourself learning something new at a crafts Meetup, or challenging yourself physically with a hike Meetup!Create a free account to save your details, or peruse the offerings in your local area by typing in your location in the provided filter bar. Once you find a Meetup that interests you, you can request to join using your free account.

Find groups through Meetup

Looking for free events and activities around your area?

AskIzzy Events and Activities Ask Izzy is an aggregator site that uses your location to find relevant services and free events around you.Enter your location into the field and explore the activities and events in your area!

Explore AskIzzy Events and Activities

Interested in adopting a pet?

RSPCA's adopt a pet The RSPCA works to influence animal welfare policy, practice and legislation across the country. They also run a programme to make it easy for people to adopt a pet--something you might want to consider if you have the space in your life to take care of one. Household pets are known to be a positive influence on social wellbeing.Select your state or territory, and then click through to see who is available for adoption. There is a variety of different animals, and the list is often updated. In particular there are usually many cats and dogs in need of a home.

Explore RSPCA's adopt a pet
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Physical Well-Being

Interested in learning meditation or mindfulness?

The Smiling Mind meditation app Smiling Mind is an application developed by psychologists and educators designed to help you practice daily meditation. Read through the website and download the app to gain access to tools that will help you with meditation and mindfulness.

Read about the app here

Want to learn a new subject?

Khan Academy Khan Academy is a non-profit organisation dedicated to delivering high-quality education to anyone, anywhere, for freeHave a look through the different courses to see what interests you - there's anything from high school mathematics to macroeconomics to art history to computer programming. When you're ready, sign up for free to keep track of your learning and courses at

Explore Khan Academy

Need help finding health services?

Healthdirect search engine The Healthdirect service finder helps you get in contact with nearby services that fit your needs. You can select the type of health service you're seeking using their simple checkbox and refine the search through preferences (such as bulkbilling or telehealth) and location. Alternatively you can search for specific practices by name and location.

Search for local health services
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Work Well-Being

Ready to plan for retirement?

Services Australia's retirement advice This is a government website to help you plan your retirement—and connect with the right people if you’re needing to take action.Have a read through, and you may end up linking through to one of their financial advisors.

Explore Services Australia's retirement advice

Over fifty and thinking about changing jobs?

TAFE courses A short article from TAFE about why changing careers when you’re over 50 is often a great idea.Have a read through and see if this might be an option for you

Read the article here

Over 45 and want a change of career?

Information for jobseekers over 45 The Department of Education, Skills, and Employment provides important information and advice for mature aged workers wanting to reskill or transition to a new career. This article provides an outline of the resources you may need when changing professions, whether it be to a new field, or providing options if you're not sure where to start. Have a read through and follow the links provided to the resources that will most benefit you. You may want to watch the video at the beginning if you're unsure of your decision to change careers, or even take the Skills Match quiz to see if a career already fits your skills or training.

Explore Information for jobseekers over 45

Searching for jobs designed for mature aged applicants?

Mature age jobs on Indeed A part of the Indeed job searching platform just for mature aged applicants

Explore Mature age jobs on Indeed

Searching for jobs designed for mature aged applicants?

Jobs for older workers A dedicated job searching platform just for mature aged applicants

Explore Jobs for older workers

Searching for jobs designed for mature aged applicants?

Mature age jobs on Jora A part of the Jora job searching platform just for mature aged applicants

Explore Mature age jobs on Jora
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Community Well-Being

Need help planning some renovations?

IKEA's planning and consultation services IKEA offers the services of interior designers and planners to help you sort out the details of a kitchen or storage renovation - using IKEA products, of course. Some are free and others are paid, so make sure to check before booking a consultation!

Explore IKEA's planning and consultation services

Looking to move house soon?

Property search through is an Australian real estate site containing the majority of the residential rent and buy listings across the country. These listings can be filtered by price range, property type, location and number of rooms.

Explore Property search through

Looking to move house soon?

Retirement living on Domain A part of the real estate listing site Domain dedicated to retirement living.

Explore Retirement living on Domain

Looking for some free events around town?

Free events through Eventbrite Eventbrite is a site that advertises different events in your local area, from concerts to garden walks. This link advertises events around Brisbane, however you can change the location fairly easily through the location filter. Browse through the events at your own pace, and when you find one you like, make sure to register! Some events have limited spaces, so make sure to get in quick when you can.

Explore Free events through Eventbrite
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Financial Well-Being

Make the most of your retirement income

Moneysmart retirement income estimation tool The government moneysmart website offers a number of useful articles and tools to help manage your finances as you head into retirement heading into retirement. This tool will help you estimate the amount you can get from your super and eventual pension. Click on the "Use or retirement planner" banner and fill out the form as best as you can to get an approximation of your retirement income.

Estimate your income here

Keeping track of your Superannuation

The ATO's advice on superannuation As a part of their mission, the ATO tries to ensure that Australians don’t lose their superannuation. If you’re unsure about the state of your super then this might be helpful for you.Click through and have a skim to see if any of the information is relevant to your situation

Keep track through the ATO

How does super work?

Moneysmart superannuation Superannuation—or ‘super’ as it tends to be called—is how Australians save for retirement. If you’re getting closer to retirement and still have questions, this should answer them for you. It’s on the government moneysmart websiteHave a read of the short articles that can answer any questions you may have, or watch the video for an overview of ‘what is super?

Read more about superannuation

Learn more about women and super

Women's superannuation article This article explores some of the gender disparities in super that can effect women. It provides some quick tips on how you can maximise your super and 'beat the odds'.

Read the article here

Need a quick lookup for your state's Public Trustee?

A Guide to Public Trustees Public Trustees are Statutory Authorities that help to make decisions that aid the rights and interests of state citizens. They often offer free will-making services, act as legal will executors, and can help in managing trust funds and deceased estates.Find your relevant trustee in the list and explore whether they can help in your situation. Click on their link to get in contact.

Explore Public Trustees by state
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