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Tools to help

You can browse the tools available on The Women’s Butterfly Project by butterfly or category. Our quiz can help discover your butterfly.

If you have been to our website before and know your butterfly then just click below on the link.


I'm taking steps to get
things under control.

Discover Delia


I'm searching for
my next step.

Discover Anthea


I feel positive
about my future.

Discover Amber


I really like my life and hope
everything turns out okay.

Discover Helena

Want to go direct to the website links?

If you prefer going straight to our digital hub and see all the websites, please click on any of the icons below.

Work Well-Being

Job, volunteering, activities

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Social Well-Being

Relationships, other people

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Financial Well-Being

Money, budgets, income

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Physical Well-Being

Health, energy

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Community Well-Being

Place to live, safety, neighbourhood

View tools

Directories of resources

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Government Services

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Community Services

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Commercial Services

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