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Ask Izzy

Ask Izzy Ask Izzy is a site that aims to connect people in need of counselling, meals, money aid, and more to the services they require in a safe way. The site is free and anonymous, and contains links to over 370,000 different services.

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Need help planning some renovations?

IKEA's planning and consultation services IKEA offers the services of interior designers and planners to help you sort out the details of a kitchen or storage renovation - using IKEA products, of course. Some are free and others are paid, so make sure to check before booking a consultation!

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Looking to move house soon?

Property search through is an Australian real estate site containing the majority of the residential rent and buy listings across the country. These listings can be filtered by price range, property type, location and number of rooms.

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Having trouble finding appropriate housing?

The handy guide for older women The Handy Guide for Older Women has been put together by the Lady Musgrave Trust as a way to empower women with useful information to help them through personal financial and housing crises. Clicking on one of the main four categories available on the home page ("I am in crisis," "I need help with housing," "I need legal or finance help," "I need help with planning") will direct you to a page containing several helpful tools and articles relevant to the selected category. Or you can download the full Handy Guide pdf by selecting "more" and "download a copy" from the top navigation.

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Looking to move house soon?

Retirement living on Domain A part of the real estate listing site Domain dedicated to retirement living.

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Moving into a new rental property?

Rental checklist Before you rent a property you might want to read this checklist for new tenants, from the Queensland Rental Tenancies Authority.Click on the “checklist for new tenants” on the site. You may also want to look at their handy pocket guide for tenants in houses and units

See the checklist here

Going to be moving house soon?

Moving house essentials checklist Moving house is always a challenge, but this checklist might help with some of the decision-making. It’s unlikely that all of these checkboxes will apply to anyone, but it’s useful to run your eye down them—it might help you to think of something that you’ve missed

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