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Interested in learning meditation or mindfulness?

The Smiling Mind meditation app Smiling Mind is an application developed by psychologists and educators designed to help you practice daily meditation. Read through the website and download the app to gain access to tools that will help you with meditation and mindfulness.

Read about the app here

Have an issue that requires legal help?

Justice Connect's support services Justice Connect is a not-for-profit group dedicated to helping people connect with pro-bono/free legal services if their situation is applicable. Browse the articles and forums to see if your question or issue has a simple answer. Alternatively click the "Apply for free legal help" button and then take the quiz to see if you are eligible. Make sure to check that your situation is not one Justice Connect is unable to help with (for example: family law, personal injury claims, or wills and probate matters).

Explore Justice Connect's support services

Are you having trouble dealing with stress?

Lifeline stress factsheet Lifeline offers 24/7 support and resources for a myriad of mental health and wellbeing issues. Read through their page on coping with stress and life pressures. They have free toolkits available that are fairly comprehensive and provide healthier coping mechanisms.

Explore Lifeline stress factsheet

Want to volunteer some of your time?

Volunteer Australia online portal Volunteering Australia is an organisation dedicated to helping connect volunteers to people, places, and events that need them. Get connected in your community by volunteering for the things that interest you, and make a lot of new friends along the way. You can search for volunteering opportunities through their simple form at the bottom of their page, refining by duration, accessibility, and location.

Explore Volunteer Australia online portal

Over fifty and thinking about changing jobs?

TAFE courses A short article from TAFE about why changing careers when you’re over 50 is often a great idea.Have a read through and see if this might be an option for you

Read the article here

Want to learn a new subject?

Khan Academy Khan Academy is a non-profit organisation dedicated to delivering high-quality education to anyone, anywhere, for freeHave a look through the different courses to see what interests you - there's anything from high school mathematics to macroeconomics to art history to computer programming. When you're ready, sign up for free to keep track of your learning and courses at

Explore Khan Academy

Having trouble finding appropriate housing?

The handy guide for older women The Handy Guide for Older Women has been put together by the Lady Musgrave Trust as a way to empower women with useful information to help them through personal financial and housing crises. Clicking on one of the main four categories available on the home page ("I am in crisis," "I need help with housing," "I need legal or finance help," "I need help with planning") will direct you to a page containing several helpful tools and articles relevant to the selected category. Or you can download the full Handy Guide pdf by selecting "more" and "download a copy" from the top navigation.

Explore The handy guide for older women

Want advice for coping with a separation or divorce?

Relationships Australia's advice for women and separation Women and Separation is a free book available online as a pdf that can help to make sense of your feeling surrounding a separation, provide useful tips, and raise awareness of services that may help you. It was developed by Relationships Australia through their research and facilitation of women's support and services, with additional research provided by Beyondblue. You can read through this book to gain an awareness of some of the tougher aspects of separation you and other women may deal with. It covers some of the emotional responses you may have, as well as the challenges you may face and how to begin to overcome these.

Read the ebook here

Mental Health Support

Lifeline official support site Lifeline offers 24/7 crisis support to anyone experiencing emotional distress. They also offer support and guidance for those coping with anxiety, depression, stress, loss, and other difficulties one may face. Explore their site to find the help you may need, or feel free to call their 24/7 crisis support at 13 11 14.

Visit lifeline today

Grief counselling

Lifeline's advice on grief and loss This is a useful fact sheet about grief and loss, that might be helpful if you have lost a significant person in your life.Lifeline can provide counselling through their phone service, and you can call them directly on 131114

Explore Lifeline's advice on grief and loss

Do you need help from your friends or family, but don't quite know how to ask?

Asking for help If you're going through something tough, it's always better if you don't do it alone. Sometimes it's hard to ask for help though, so BeyondBlue has put together a helpful article that can help address some of your fears when it comes to reaching out.

Explore Asking for help

Need a quick lookup for your state's Public Trustee?

A Guide to Public Trustees Public Trustees are Statutory Authorities that help to make decisions that aid the rights and interests of state citizens. They often offer free will-making services, act as legal will executors, and can help in managing trust funds and deceased estates.Find your relevant trustee in the list and explore whether they can help in your situation. Click on their link to get in contact.

Explore Public Trustees by state

Interested in adopting a pet?

RSPCA's adopt a pet The RSPCA works to influence animal welfare policy, practice and legislation across the country. They also run a programme to make it easy for people to adopt a pet--something you might want to consider if you have the space in your life to take care of one. Household pets are known to be a positive influence on social wellbeing.Select your state or territory, and then click through to see who is available for adoption. There is a variety of different animals, and the list is often updated. In particular there are usually many cats and dogs in need of a home.

Explore RSPCA's adopt a pet

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