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Interested in learning meditation or mindfulness?

The Smiling Mind meditation app Smiling Mind is an application developed by psychologists and educators designed to help you practice daily meditation. Read through the website and download the app to gain access to tools that will help you with meditation and mindfulness.

Read about the app here

Are you having trouble dealing with stress?

Lifeline stress factsheet Lifeline offers 24/7 support and resources for a myriad of mental health and wellbeing issues. Read through their page on coping with stress and life pressures. They have free toolkits available that are fairly comprehensive and provide healthier coping mechanisms.

Explore Lifeline stress factsheet

Need short-term help with jobs around the house?

The Australian Government support for short-term care The Australian Government provides short-term care for eligible people aged over 65 (or 50 for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders) through their My Aged Care program. The short-term restorative care for help with everyday tasks may help you overcome a difficult period or delay the need for long-term help by putting plans in place. Read through this page which describes the types of short-term care available to help you decide which may be of most use. Close to the bottom you can click to apply for an online assessment, which will take you through a few questions that will determine your situation and what you need help with, and help to put you in contact with a face-to-face assessor should you be eligible for the services.

Explore The Australian Government support for short-term care

Need help with household chores?

My Aged Care government initiative My Aged Care is the gateway for access to the government-funded aged care services. The site provides information on different types of aged care services, an eligibility assessment, and a referral platform to find service providers you may need.Watch the introduction video, and follow the site's step-by-step guide available on the home page to see what services you may be eligible for.

Explore My Aged Care government initiative

Want to learn a new subject?

Khan Academy Khan Academy is a non-profit organisation dedicated to delivering high-quality education to anyone, anywhere, for freeHave a look through the different courses to see what interests you - there's anything from high school mathematics to macroeconomics to art history to computer programming. When you're ready, sign up for free to keep track of your learning and courses at

Explore Khan Academy

Need help finding health services?

Healthdirect search engine The Healthdirect service finder helps you get in contact with nearby services that fit your needs. You can select the type of health service you're seeking using their simple checkbox and refine the search through preferences (such as bulkbilling or telehealth) and location. Alternatively you can search for specific practices by name and location.

Search for your local health services here

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