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Want to volunteer some of your time?

Volunteer Australia online portal Volunteering Australia is an organisation dedicated to helping connect volunteers to people, places, and events that need them. Get connected in your community by volunteering for the things that interest you, and make a lot of new friends along the way. You can search for volunteering opportunities through their simple form at the bottom of their page, refining by duration, accessibility, and location.

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Explore Volunteer Australia online portal

Looking to meet new people?

The Meetup social platform Meetup is a site that aims to connect people and build local communities. The platform advertises events and groups meeting in your area with different interests or opportunities. You may find yourself learning something new at a crafts Meetup, or challenging yourself physically with a hike Meetup!Create a free account to save your details, or peruse the offerings in your local area by typing in your location in the provided filter bar. Once you find a Meetup that interests you, you can request to join using your free account.

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Find groups through Meetup

Want advice for coping with a separation or divorce?

Relationships Australia's advice for women and separation Women and Separation is a free book available online as a pdf that can help to make sense of your feeling surrounding a separation, provide useful tips, and raise awareness of services that may help you. It was developed by Relationships Australia through their research and facilitation of women's support and services, with additional research provided by Beyondblue. You can read through this book to gain an awareness of some of the tougher aspects of separation you and other women may deal with. It covers some of the emotional responses you may have, as well as the challenges you may face and how to begin to overcome these.

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Read the ebook here

Mental Health Support

Lifeline official support site Lifeline offers 24/7 crisis support to anyone experiencing emotional distress. They also offer support and guidance for those coping with anxiety, depression, stress, loss, and other difficulties one may face. Explore their site to find the help you may need, or feel free to call their 24/7 crisis support at 13 11 14.

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Visit lifeline today

Grief counselling

Lifeline's advice on grief and loss This is a useful fact sheet about grief and loss, that might be helpful if you have lost a significant person in your life.Lifeline can provide counselling through their phone service, and you can call them directly on 131114

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Explore Lifeline's advice on grief and loss

Do you need help from your friends or family, but don't quite know how to ask?

Asking for help If you're going through something tough, it's always better if you don't do it alone. Sometimes it's hard to ask for help though, so BeyondBlue has put together a helpful article that can help address some of your fears when it comes to reaching out.

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Explore Asking for help

Looking for free events and activities around your area?

AskIzzy Events and Activities Ask Izzy is an aggregator site that uses your location to find relevant services and free events around you.Enter your location into the field and explore the activities and events in your area!

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Explore AskIzzy Events and Activities

Is COVID-19 effecting your mental health in the ACT?

ACT COVID-19 Mental health and wellbeing resources The ACT Mental Health Commission has drawn together multiple independent resources in order to help people cope with the multiple mental-health concerns that COVID-19 has created. Follow the links for helpful resources that address COVID related anxiety, depression, and isolation.

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Explore ACT COVID-19 Mental health and wellbeing resources

Interested in adopting a pet?

RSPCA's adopt a pet The RSPCA works to influence animal welfare policy, practice and legislation across the country. They also run a programme to make it easy for people to adopt a pet--something you might want to consider if you have the space in your life to take care of one. Household pets are known to be a positive influence on social wellbeing.Select your state or territory, and then click through to see who is available for adoption. There is a variety of different animals, and the list is often updated. In particular there are usually many cats and dogs in need of a home.

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Explore RSPCA's adopt a pet

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