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Take our quick 10 question quiz to find out which Butterfly represents you. Your answers are confidential and anonymous.

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At the Women’s Butterfly Project (an initiative of Queensland University of Technology and Griffith University) we believe that change begins with a single leap of faith. Inspired by this vision, we were driven to develop a digital hub to help mature women break free from their cocoons and take flight. So whether you are seeking a new direction, looking for tools to be better equipped for life’s challenges, or maybe just want to have a little more fun, the first step in your evolution starts here.

Why the Butterfly?

The Butterfly as a symbol reflects many aspects of our lives. We feel them in our stomach when we are nervous, we develop cocoons around ourself at different life stages and sometimes we need to transcend our past life and be something different. Butterflies begin as simple caterpillars but metamorphosise into creatures of incredible beauty and complexity. We think this represents mature women in many ways. We are also told that with a single flap of their wings the course of the future itself can be changed.

What Butterfly best tells your story?

We know that mature women are all different (different needs, different strengths and different interests) and so through our research we have developed four different butterflies. Our butterflies have names and face different challenges and opportunities as mature women. We have carefully curated our digital hub to have links to websites that reflect the needs of these butterflies, feel free take our quiz to access this list.

Take our quick 10 question quiz to find out which Butterfly represents you. Your answers are confidential and anonymous.

Take the Quiz

If you have been to our website before and know your butterfly then just click below on the link. Please note: for your privacy, our website doesn't remember your quiz answers so you will have to do the quick quiz again if you forget your butterfly.


I'm taking steps to get
things under control.

Discover Delia


I'm searching for
my next step.

Discover Anthea


I feel positive
about my future.

Discover Amber


I really like my life and hope
everything turns out okay.

Discover Helena

Want to go direct to the website links?

If you prefer going straight to our digital hub and see all the websites, please click on any of the icons below.

Work Well-Being

Job, volunteering, activities

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Social Well-Being

Relationships, other people

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Financial Well-Being

Money, budgets, income

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Physical Well-Being

Health, energy

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Community Well-Being

Place to live, safety, neighbourhood

View tools

Directories of resources

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Government Services

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Community Services

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Commercial Services

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